SEO Company 21

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Since 2011, we’ve been the Google Advocate that businesses and brands collaborate to build and execute world-class, award-winning digital marketing strategies.

SEO Company 21 is a digital marketing, web development team, and digital marketing experts paying attention to and carrying out digital strategies that generate traffic, sales, leads, and engagement to our client’s websites from prospects and customers. Our expertise include SEO, paid media, CRO, web development, and Google Analytics, all of which are used holistically and comprehensively in our client’s digital strategies. Our team works in one office in California; our SEOs and paid search experts sit next to our web developers, who sit next to our UX experts, who also sit next to our Google Analytics experts. Nothing is outsourced, ever - all strategies are researched and executed in-house, right here in California.
While the mission has always been to bring transparency, the vision has always been a cliché to be a typical digital marketing agency.