What is Geo Targeted SEO?

seo latterSurly you are aware of the key term of internet marketing and online business, SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. It is obvious that almost 90% of the traffic will visit only the links which are suggested at the top of the search results. The art of getting your website, blog, or map to the higher priority positions requires you to ‘optimize’ your website contents accordingly. First, you must research on the most common keywords used by the visitors to search for the particular and related fields.

Though there are several ways for identifying the list of targeted keywords, choosing the reliable tools is crucial for getting the best of SEO. With this said, it will be easy for you to interpret that geo targeted SEO is nothing but considering the geographic position of the website’s visitors and optimizing your website to suit their needs based on the physical locations.

To be clearer, geo targeted SEO is geo-marketing which allows you to display the contents in relevance with the visitors’ country, state/region, city, zip code/metro code, organization, IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP, and other such data.

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How Does Geo Targeted SEO Work?

To begin with, SEO is all about understanding how the search engines work so as to make the necessary optimizations of your website in terms of keyword density and the HTML coding (for removing any possible barriers to the search engines’ indexing activities). The ‘search engine friendly’ websites are the ones which contain the content management systems, shopping carts, and the menus that can be easily optimized as per the requirements. It is indeed a complicated process to understand the exact functioning of the search engines as they ‘crawl’ websites looking for the mentioned keywords and list the results whose priority are determined by several aspects.

Some of the known factors that are considered by the search engines to prioritize the relevant links are PageRank, hyperlink analysis, keyword frequency, headings, site structure, links, and Meta tags. In most of the cases, the algorithms of the search engines are undisclosed as it will lead to link manipulations. For instance, Google, the world’s most popular search engine, claims that it considers as much as 200 signals before listing the search results.

In the case of geo targeted SEO, knowing the geographical location of the visitor is important as this will determine the content to be displayed. There are specific geo-location software and tools which will assist in finding the geographical location of the particular visitor. There are two types of geo targeted SEO; the ones which will automatically display the website contents based on the geo-location software or the personal information of the visitor without prompting them. It is the most commonly used approach in geomarketing and internet marketing. The other type of geo targeted SEO is when the visitors have the option to select the country prior to viewing the website contents, for instance, the geo targeted SEO as used in FedEx.com. Based on the geolocation of the visitor, either the contents of the website displayed will change or the visitor will be directed to different website customized especially for meeting the taste and requirements of the individuals from the particular physical location.

Importance of Geo Targeted SEO for Local Businesses

Just creating a website and creating a website that will be found by the potential visitors has a lot of differences. If you are a person running a local business or relying on the internet to market your products/services in the local market then it is crucial that you understand the importance of geo targeted SEO. A logical analysis will enable you to understand that any user would prefer to know more about the company or website customized to suit his/her needs rather then the ones which are only globally available. It is in fact a matter of seconds before the visitor considers your website useful or not. The same stands good while the search engines ‘crawl’ your website as per the keywords specified.

Remember, designing pretty websites are not the keys to impress the search engines, especially Google which considers several factors, even the location and context of the keywords. You are sure to experience the difference when you optimize your website based on the geo factors as it will surely give a boost in the website listing while searched using local search engines.

How to Implement Geo Targeted SEO for Getting Higher Rank in Local Search Results?

Listed below are few ways in which you can achieve geo targeted SEO for your website and enjoy the benefits. It all begins with the domain you select; if you have not noticed, it will be prudent to check out that the websites having geo targeted ccTLDs will outperform even the top websites when the user searches from their local country. If your company XYZ had the domain name www.XYZ.com, you can try changing it to the local country ccTLDs such as .ca, .nl, .de, .co.uk, .in, .es, and so on.

For instance, if you are in Canada, you can choose the domain name www.XYZ.ca rather than www.XYZ.com/ca as the former holds stronger position in respect to search engine optimization. If you have a local language version of your company’s website and use geo targeted SEO, the ranking will be higher as the search engines list the top rated ones of that particular country domain first.

As an example, if a user from Canada searches using Google.ca, your website www.XYZ.ca will get better preference than the .com websites, thus it has increased probability for being listed in the first page, provided you concentrate on the many other SEO factors too.
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