22 Nov 2012
November 22, 2021

How to choose your Seo Company

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When you decide to hire an SEO company to manage your business’s SEO activities it can be a huge investment for many companies. The trick is, with so many SEO service providers and consultants to choose from (and throw in a few black hat SEO ‘specialists’ just to keep it interesting) how do you know which SEO provider is the right person for your brand? Will small or large company handle your site better? Should you look for an SEO company that also manages social media marketing - like Facebook / Twitter ?

It’s even harder to pick the right SEO company if you don’t have too much experience with search engine optimization yourself, so how do you know what you’re supposed to look at when you take your decision?

Here are 3 aspects to look at when hiring an SEO company:

1. Take a close look at their website
There are a couple of red flags that should warn you this SEO company probably isn’t the best because if they are willing to risk their own website with these tactics, what kind of onsite SEO job will they do on your website? Some of these tactics may include; too many ads above the content (an SEO company should care more about getting new clients, not making money through AdWords), a link exchange page (banned by Google), poorly optimized content , keyword stuffing (how many times do they really need to say “SEO company” on one page?), and a poorly designed layout and poor internal linking structure.

Would you like your website to look like theirs ? How can you hire an SEO company that doesn’t invest in their own website?
2. Take a look at their content marketing
If the SEO company has a blog on their website (which they should !) when was the last time it was updated? A good SEO company should be producing fresh content on a regular basis. What other resources does this SEO company offer? Do they have white papers and e-books available for download?  Content marketing really powers the SEO work and a good SEO company should know how to create AND promote interesting content that is educational in its nature.

I am sure you would like to work with an SEO company that is committed to educating their clients and is willing to prove their expertise through the content they publish.

Also check and see if this company uses to write for any other SEO industry sites or blogs. They might not be writing for the “big time” SEO blogs just yet, but they should be contributing great educational content other quality sites. You want to work with an SEO company that understands the power of content marketing and knows how to make it work for their own benefit, meaning they’ll know how to make it work for you.

3. Take a look at their Social Media Presence
It’s not a must to have 2,000 Facebook Fans and 7,000 Twitter followers to have an active social presence, but they need to be doing something with their social media channels. Are they promoting their own content through Facebook or Twitter? Do they share other industry experts’ content and ideas using their channels? Or are they treating social media as another advertising platform and just toot their own horn? Social signals are becoming increasingly important to SEO and a good SEO company should understand that.

In the end , how you choose your seo company is something you will have to decide . But I hope my advices helped a little.