12 Jan 2013
January 12, 2022

On Page SEO Of A Website

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Search Engine Optimization techniques are mainly categorized into on-page and off-page techniques. Off page SEO techniques are mainly the activities done off side to a website with a focus to build back links from other websites whereas On-page SEO includes activities related to the optimization of the website itself to bring it on top search engine results.  There are certain factors for on-page optimization of your website which should be taken care of, in order to improve the visibility and ranking of the website on all major search engines.

Content – It is said that content is the king, so content becomes the most important part of a website and factor in the optimization of the website. The website content should be exclusive, interesting and relevant to the topic/business of your website. Doing this will surely attract and retain many visitors to your website and will improve the ranking of the website.

Meta Tags – Next important factor is the tags on the website. Meta tags are used to help the search engines crawlers to find your website and index it. Tags help in improving the visibility of the websites on search engines and boost the rankings of the website. Meta tags should be optimized with the keywords and phrases and should be written in a way that they should make a sense to the readers.  Any kind of keyword stuffing should be avoided while designing Meta tags. Use of Image Alt Tag also helps the crawlers to index your website’s pages.

XML Sitemap – The XML map of your site is used by search engine spiders and while it is invisible to human users.  Using an XML sitemap makes sure that web crawlers will have an access to all of the pages of your website without any miss.

Robots.txt File – Robots.txt is a text file which tells search engine spiders about the pages which you would not like to be indexed. To be clarified, robots.txt cannot purely prevent your web pages from being crawled but most of the time search engines obey this rule.

Avoid Duplicate Domains – A site opening with and without www is known to be having duplicate domain which is not considered good from search engine optimization point of view. Domain duplicity should be avoided and it can be fixed in your htaccess file by making all URL’s either www or without WWW.

Internal Linking– The website should have a good interlinking arrangement to navigate within different pages of your web site. This can be done by embedding links within the content, or by using site navigation bar.

Keyword Rich URLs – Website Urls should be keyword rich to help the search engines to determine the content and importance of a page and make it easy for users to identify the topic of the webpages.

If you hire any SEO experts to handle your website’s optimization, then make sure they follow the above rules and give importance to all of the factors.