Pay Per Click Marketing

is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. This kind of marketing has many benefits for companies that want to bring the best visitors and potential clients to their websites.

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PPC Pay Per Click Marketing Benefits

• Easy to understand
• Many targeting options
• You have the opportunity to meet millions of people around the globe because Google is the biggest network of publishing in the world
• Flexibility : your ads will be displayed as soon as possible after you create them. For example, if you create an ad today, your ad will be displayed today too
• Relevance: your clients and potential clients are looking for you on Google
• Control: you have total control on your daily budget, your campaigns can be stopped and optimized at any time
• Return on investment: you will have reports where you will see how successful your campaigns, your ads and your ad groups were
• Measurable results

We offer integrated Pay Per Click Marketing services using the primary and secondary tools of performance based advertising. The top Pay Per Click Marketing tool are Google Sponsored Links displayed in the search engine and contextual advertising on Google Partner Website (over 2000 partners have accepted ads from Google to be published on their websites). We are Google AdWords Certified Partner and Platinum Agency in Google Engage Programm. We help our customer understand that we gave them time and confort to develop their businesses.

We apply three steps to this process and we are considered to be customer centric, developing a long term engagement to our customers and becoming their online marketing strategic partners.
1. Campaign development
2. Campaign management
3. Reporting

Campaign development includes:

An analysis of your organization’s goals and objectives (lead generation, e-Commerce sales, traffic growth, or brand development). Our analysis includes product - service analysis and target audience segmentation.
Economic Analysis (budget, profit margin, competitive analysis, traffic estimates, budget and bid amount analysis, and most importantly – how much and what we afford to pay per click?)
Establishment of Google account(s), in your name, to be professionally managed by My Ad Words Expert.
Keyword Analysis and Development (tens to thousands of keywords and key-phrases carefully selected to be relevant for your communication). Our keyword research is based on following parameters: less competitive keywords, long tailed keyword, High Traffic Keyword, low and high Bid value keywords, Low and high competition keywords.
Keyword Categorization. Here we categorize the keywords and make small group of keywords according to different criteria. We Group keywords based on Geographic, bid value, traffic, theme and completion.
Ad group setup. For better visibility and user attention we create more ad groups as per product type and client request. We consider to targeting appropriate keywords, less number of keywords per ad group, Indentifying exact landing page, Dynamic keyword insertion if required, bid value assignment to keywords to create winning AdWords campaigns.
Ad creation means creating the advertising Copy (several versions will be created, by keyword category / theme, and continuously improved through active split-testing for all campaigns). We create multiple Ad title, ad description for each individual ad group. We are always concise and descriptive while creating ads. We are highly focused on Making Attractive ad title, Creating descriptive ad text, Keyword rich ad title and ad text, Ad copy relevant with keywords.
Keyword Conversion Tracking code will be installed on your website (so we know what traffic sources, campaigns and keywords bring the best quality traffic and which convert)

Check more informations about what our PPC Campaigns include here : PPC Campaign Management

PPC Services Reporting

1 reporting meeting per month or one every 2 months (depending on the budget)
Overall Account Performance
Detailed Account Performance
Historical Performance (month-by-month)
Keyword Report Performance
Optimization Report (What we’ve done throughout the month to improve your results and control costs, how it performed and what is to be done in the following months)
Overall Financial Performance (if we have access to your detailed sales data)

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