“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to loose it”. Benjamin Franklin

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Reputation Management services obscure negative search results by repopulating Google First Page with truthful and positive information about you or your company. The damaging content - news/reviews/social media comments is then overcome, falling deep into search results, where it is almost impossible to find.
Positive content will fill the top results

  • 4 out of 5 consumers have changed their minds about purchasing a recommended product or service based solely on negative information they found online.
  • A Harvard Business School study on business online reputations found that just a one-star rating decrease can reduce revenues by nearly 10% for a business.


How does Reputation Management works ?

1. Reputation Management is the practice of controlling the online reputations for people and businesses. This includes controlling search results, monitoring the internet for mentions of your brand, and policing the use of your brands name throughout the entire internet.
2. Unless you have a direct relationship with a website owner or have an enforceable court order, there is no way to remove information from the internet.
3. Controlling the entire first page of search results for a keyword is a considerable effort therefor you should Beware of anyone who provides reputation management services for a nominal fee.

Online Reputation services which we provide helps companies eliminate or reduce the damage caused by negative Internet postings that are ranking one google first page on searches for their company, brand names or individuals associated with the company (such as the company CEO). Removing the offending pages is impossible but the targeted use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing lets us move these pages down in search engine rankings to the second page or even lower, where they will be buried and attract less attention.

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Being a Seo Company , this is our job, take websites or webpages and promote it to the top in Google. This is not easy and for sure it can not be done very fast, but it is possible. Our specialists can estimate your problem and give you personalized informations.
We create high quality content and websites that will overtake the negative ones and will be found when your name or your brand is searched for. We also use great authority News Websites like CNN , NBC News, New York Times - to promote informations about you.
You can rest assured that we will find ways to fit your budget. But when it comes to your online reputation, a better question might be : “Can I afford not to do it ?”
Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook , Google plus, are involved in this process since they are very powerfull channels for interaction. For all the clients who have chosen us to monitor their brand online presence we include Social Media monitoring.
Getting negative reviews on Yelp can be very bad for small local businesses and can cost the business owner a lot of income.

While there is no way to remove negative reviews from Yelp, there is a way to bring your overall rating up. This is where we come in. SeoCompany21 has helped several companies improve their Yelp ratings. We can help you by providing ways to encourage your customers to post positive reviews for you and also we employ several other tactics that will help to improve your negative ratings on Yelp.