Social networking websites were developed for the sole purpose of connecting people and help them to interact with each other in an easy manner. But with advent of time, theses sites are working as platforms for establishing a business as a brand globally. Nowadays these websites have been named as social media sites and they  play a vital role in making businesses visible in online market. This new trend of marketing is known as Social Media Marketing.

Google has also given emphasis to the websites which are highly active and popular in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Myriad users are connected with Facebook and Twitter, but recently launched Google Plus lacks the number of users as compared to Facebook and Twitter. It is a quite interesting interface to work upon, but a little bit trickiness involved in using the interface has left it behind in the competition. If you desire to use Google Plus, but the same condition is making you unease, then this blog will definitely help you.

Let’s have an insight of creating a Google Plus profile from scratch - 

1.  Creating Account – Let’s get started with creating a Google Plus profile. If you have a gmail id, then you just need to sign in your account. If you don’t own a gmail id, then visit the URL – and you will land on a web page containing a sign in form where you can sign in using gmail id, but if you dont own a gmail id, then you will need to create by clicking on the button ‘Sign Up’.

This will lead you to a page where you will require to put your personal details.

Upon submiting the essential personal details in the form and clicking on the ‘Next Step’ button, you will be able to login your google plus account.  Remember to check the box titled with ‘I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’.

2.  Setting up your profile – After login you will be asked to upload your pic in your profile.

 Upon clicking ‘Add Profile Photo’, a new window will appear on the screen through which you have an option to upload photo from your machine or directly catching a snap taken from your web cam.

If you want to add special effects in your pic, then choose the ‘Creative Kit’ tool available on the right hand side.

Once you click on this tool, several options will apear by selecting which you can crop, rotate, sharpen, resize your pic. You can add effects to your pic, decorate it or place any text inside your pic.

Once done with it, Set it as a profile photo by clicking on the ‘Save this Image’ button and then click on the ‘Set As Profile Photo’ button.

3.  Start Following – Now by moving on to ‘Next Step’, you will  see a window asking you to add people you want to follow.

Follow the people you wish to follow otherwise move on to next step by clicking the ‘Continue’ button.

Upon clicking the ‘Follow’ button, you will see a small window describing what can you do once you add someone to your circle.

Once you add someone to your circle, you can carry on with the next step which requires you to add or update your personal details like your workplace, school and location. After updating all details, click on ‘Finish’ button.

4.  Home – Now you have set up your account. You will see a new page from where you can add friends into your circle, see updates from your friends and chat with them. You will also see ‘Start a hangout’ option through which you can start video chat with many friends at a time.