The Effects Of The Google Latest Updates- Penguin And Panda

For those websites that did not take creating them seriously, the Penguin and Panda updates may have affected you the hardest. These updates have been created by google to help them show more relevant content to those that use their search engine to find things that interest them. However, for the website owner that may have been using other content already on the internet, google classed that as duplicate content.

With the Panda updates, it mainly focused on any pages on the website that had over used their primary keywords. Furthermore, if the owner of that website published these stuffed keyword pages to other article directories, they could also have been penalized. The Panda updates were more focused on those site owners that used thinly related content from other already published sources.

With the Penguin updates

, these targeted mainly web spam links. If the website owner had been using what is termed as “BlackHat SEO” tactics they may have already seen the effects. Many black hat tactics include keyword stuffing, or perhaps incorporating irrelevant outgoing links into any of the websites pages of content.

The main idea here behind these updates was to ensure that the current visitor would find relevant content when performing their searches using the engine. Google will send out a message to all those website owners that may have been effected by the Penguin and Panda updates. For that reason webmasters should be monitoring their google webmaster accounts very closely so as not to miss any of these important updates.

For those that may have been affected by the Google latest updates- Penguin And Panda they may want to rethink their SEO habits they use for their own content. Furthermore, taking the appropriate time to research into hiring a SEO agency to help your website to recover from these latest updates might be a wise investment. The internet does provide the proper tools to help those seeking these services to help them bounce back from the google updates the best opportunity in locating them for their own needs.