Unique content is what gets your website higher up.


Surely you’ve seen websites that have a ton of content that is vague, outdated or plain boring and you’ve seen the ones that have absolutely no content but lots of graphics instead. Well, even though one has a lot of content and the other has no content they are both the same, without any soul.

For a website to be alive it requires good and unique content that will bring more and more visitors every day. If your website has no popularity but it does have unique content, be assured that soon your site will be amongst the top ranking websites on Google because unique content is the ‘king of the ring’.

So why is unique content so important?

The answer clearly lies in the word Unique. Today you will find thousands and hundreds of websites on the internet but very few of them will provide you with the quality information that you are looking for.

In this race of who reaches the top ranking website on major search engines, webmasters have forgotten that content is the soul of a website, and not flashy graphics, images, or boring articles.

Although nobody really knows the exact algorithm for the major search engines, it has been seen and proven many times over that unique content is the one that is rewarded with increased page rank.

Duplicate Content Issues.

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo at times severely punish identical or duplicate content that is found on more than one website. Stay away from copying content from your competitors. Bottom line is, if your website has a good and unique content, it will automatically attract more visitors who are looking for genuine information.

One of the best ways to write a unique content for your website is to write the content yourself in your own simple words or by hiring a professional content writer that will write the content for you.

Hire an expert.

The added benefit of hiring a seasoned SEO writer is the fact that they’ll get the job done quicker, will search engine optimize their content, and are relatively inexpensive to hire.