Why Us ?

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us :


Your Business will grow

You don’t have time to run your company and learn and execute online marketing campaigns and search engine optimization. We have been doing SEO for 6 years and understand how to get the search engines to take notice and take your website straight to the TOP.


Responsive Customer Support

If you ever have a question or a concern, just contact us! We enjoy talking to our customers, analyze their actions and we are here to make your business more money, so if there is a way we can do that better, let us know. We are here to deliver amazing results for you. We provide 24 Hours email reply or $50 discount from your monthly seo cost !


Local Targeted Search Engine Optimization

There is a big difference between the SEO that most seo experts have been doing for years and today’s Local, Targeted SEO. The typical practices for getting ranked on the search engines no longer apply. We employ a well rounded, white hat seo approach to our optimization schedule .


TOP SEO Campaign Management

Your campaign is managed by a real person, not a computer program. The only way to get quick, lasting SEO results is to tweak the strategies for the business we are working on. Your campaign is managed by professionals who understand Search Engine Optimization and only follow Google Guideliness to reach your goals. We do things only one way : The right way !


Experienced SEO Team

We have 6 years of expertise in managing SEO campaigns for large, medium and small businesses. SEO has the highest ROI of any marketing campaign , with easy to count results. With our experience and the fact that more people are searching online every day for goods and services, the companies that do well in the next five years are the ones who are at the top of Google, and stay there.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

We have a dedicated deparment only for reporting. Our team will provide you with a monthly report at the beginning of each month highlighting the rankings of your keywords as well as a full website traffic report so you know exactly what has been going on in the pervious month.

Affordable SEO Services

Other SEO companies that offer the same services as SeoCompany21 are charging much more . In this economy it’s important for local businesses to market themselves locally and get the best price/service they can. We offer affordable business SEO services that fits your needs and your budget. With proven results !


We cover all SEO aspects.

A true internet marketing strategy does not stop with old-school SEO techniques. SeoCompany21 is on the cutting edge of what the search engines see as valuable, and we make sure your website is adding value to the internet not just on Google. We optimize you for Social Media, business directories and customer reviews.


Google’s Top 10 : Wait no more

Results vary, but not that much. Normally with a client who has not had any SEO work done int he past, we will make you visibile in Google in 20-30 days. We will have you on the first few pages in the first 3 months, and we will have you on the first page within 4-5 months. We always explain our customers that Google’s First Page in 60-90 days is possible only through Black Hat Seo Techniques , which will get your site penalized or banned from Google


No Contracts

Yes, you are reading this right; at SeoCompany21 we have no contracts. You pay us to perform for you every month, and if we don’t or you are unhappy with our service for any reason, fire us. We are just too confident that we can do our job well to satisfy our customers ! Just pay-as-you-go or stop at anytime. All we request is a 30 days email notice .